Sunday, 13 November 2011

Popular culture

In an adventure of the TV alternation Family Guy Glen Quagmire teaches Chris Griffin how to spell "BOOB" on a calculator, Chris Griffin again has an abstraction to put two calculators calm to accomplish them spell "BOOB" "BOOB" or to about resemble a brace of breast.

The Dutch bedrock bandage 35007's name comes from the calculator-spelling of the chat "Loose".

The Swedish abundant metal bandage Sabaton has a song blue-blooded "7734" on their anthology Metalizer.

In The Fairly OddParents TV cine School's Out! The Musical Flappy Bob types 07734 on the calculator during the song "Where is the Fun?", which back angry upside bottomward spells Hello.

In an adventure of the TV alternation SpongeBob SquarePants ("Goo Goo Gas"), the appearance Plankton tests a blueprint that turns annihilation it touches into a babyish stored in Karen, his computerized "wife." Back it works in axis her into a calculator, Plankton beseeches the accessory to "speak to me!" It responds in a calculator-spelling acknowledgment of 0.7734 (hELLO), causing him to assert "It worked!"

A bartering for Progressive auto allowance appearance the aggregation spokeswoman, Flo, accounting 0.7734 to spell "Hello" as a anatomy of "calculator humor."

In the Strong Bad Email "technology" on the accepted Homestar Runner website, Strong Bad types in 530453080 to his calculator. Back angry upside bottomward this reads "Oboe shoes"

The song Twilight Omens by Franz Ferdinand includes the lines, "I typed your cardinal into my calculator / Where it spelled a bedraggled chat / Back you about-face it upside down."

In the manga Rave Master, the appearance Elie thinks her name is "Elie" because she afield apprehend the boom on her arm (3173) upside-down.

The Nerdcore rapper MC Frontalot has a song blue-blooded 80085 (BOOBS) on the anthology Zero Day.

According to the 2010 adventure of The Simpsons advantaged Moe Letter Blues, the activated ball takes abode in ZIP Cipher 80085 because in calculator spelling, the ZIP cipher is BOOBS. The ZIP cipher could additionally be 60065 as "boobs".

In 1979 the Hollies appear an anthology advantaged 5317704 which is HOLLIES in upside bottomward calculator

In the computer bold Sam & Max, one adolescent appearance speculates that a aperture code's countersign ability be 5318008- (BOOBIES). After hours of problem-solving, you acquisition out that the countersign is absolutely that.

In Extras (TV series), Andy's abettor shows him, abundant to his axiomatic disinterest, that 58008 forms 'boobs'. His abettor after uses this 'trick' to get in with some of Andy's fans.

The 1991 adventure of I Love the '90s: Part Deux includes a articulation on beepers, which included assorted bodies discussing the use of calculator spelling to accelerate letters on what at the time was alone a numeric display.

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