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Aside from change and amusement, calculator spelling has bound utility. Students, in particular, experimented with calculators to ascertain fresh words.


The 'original' attributed archetype of calculator spelling which dates from the 1970s,[1] is 5318008, which back angry over spells "BOOBIES". Added words accommodate "Boobless", "Boobs", "Shell", "Shelloil", "Hello", "Hell", "Eli", "Lei","LOOSE" and abounding others. An aboriginal archetype of calculator spelling offered the arrangement 0.7734 (when angry upside down, this becomes "hELLO").[2] Hip hop argot applications accommodate the arrangement 3722145 which spells "ShIZZLE". On assertive 12 chiffre calculators the cardinal 5304511351 spells "I SEll ShOES."

Accurate and programmer calculators

Scientific calculators that affection hexadecimal readout application the belletrist A through F action added flexibility. Application a accurate calculator with hex capability, the beforehand 'boobies' archetype can be bigger with the A–F keys to spell "B00B1E5", after defective to circle the affectation (a convenance accepted as hexspeak).

Students generally use this adequacy and the bigger "alpha" affection that use the belletrist "A" through "Z" to address messages, amid words by application the bare assurance ("-") or added punctuation. In the "B00B1E5" archetype above, for instance, a factorial artefact assurance ("!") can be added to actualize "B00B1E5!" Most of these calculators do not use seven-segment displays, instead application dot cast displays for greater versatility.

Digital manometer absurdity code.

Also the chat can be spelled with the afterward aggregate of (%)0).376006

Programmable devices

When accessed through programming, calculator spelling can accommodate a anatomy of textual acknowledgment in accessories with bound achievement ability. A programmer creates a added set of letters, which does not crave a clairvoyant to about-face the accessory upside-down.[2]

Added languages

Calculator spelling is additionally acclimated in added languages.

An archetype in Dutch is 707 + 707 = 1414. In calculator spelling this is LOL + LOL = hIhI. The chat LOL agency fun (in Dutch, it is additionally a Leet/SMS acronym for laughter) and hihi is the Dutch spelling for "heehee" (laughter).

In Italian, 0.7738135 (upside bottomward 'SEI BELLO'), agency 'you (masculine) attending nice'.

In Portuguese, 50135 ('SEIOS'), agency 'breasts', and is anon akin to the English "58008/BOOBS".

In Turkish, "1837837/LEBLEBI" acceptation 'roasted chickpeas' and "3732732/ZELZELE", acceptation 'earthquake' are accepted examples.

In German, accepted words in calculator spelling are 7353/ESEL, which translates to 'donkey', and the banned 7134.9315/SIEG hEIL.

In Spanish, entering 15 (upside down) or 51 (upside right) produces "SI," which translates in English to either "yes" or "if" depending on whether or not there is an absolute i. Another archetype is formed by autograph 50538 (upside-down "BESOS"), which agency "kisses". And 0.7715708 which produces "bolsillo" and translates in English to pocket.

A accepted archetype in Polish and several added Slavic languages is 71830 (upside-down "DEBIL"), acceptation "retard".

In French abacus one cardinal to the Polish archetype displays DEBILE (371830). "Débile" agency "dumb", or "stupid". 713705 displays "soleil" ("sun", in English)

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