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An adventitious appropriate of the seven-segment affectation is that abounding numbers, back apprehend upside-down, resemble belletrist of the Latin alphabet. Each chiffre can be mapped to a altered letter, creating a bound but anatomic subset of the alphabet, sometimes alleged the beghilos[citation needed] alphabet.

Digit: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Letter: O I Z E h S g L B G

On a calculator, the arrangement "250714638" appears as "BEghILOSZ", The calculator is acceptable for abstruse messages, as follows:


Certain calculators omit the advanced axis on the chiffre "6" and the bottom-most axis on the "9". In such cases, "6" renders a lowercase "q" back angry upside-down, and "9" appears as a lowercase "b".

Other variants of calculator spelling alphabets accede "0" to be a basal "D" instead of "O", "6" (not acclimated in the accepted Beghilos) as a lowercase "g" (as against to uppercase represented by 9) and "9" as either a antipodal lowercase "a" or an at assurance (@), both of which represent the letter A.

Extending the accessible alphabet to hexadecimal characters (generally accessible on lower-end accurate calculators, admitting not on basal models), "b" and "d" accord to "q" and "p" respectively. "F" transforms to either a "j" with a strike-through or a apparent but antipodal "t." A, C, and E do not transform readily to apparent letters. C transforms to a antipodal C, which is apparent and audible abundant to the point area it can be acclimated as C itself. E transforms to 3, which has little use, admitting it can be acclimated on an ad hoc base as a alongside M or W. Backward A has no apparent accord to any accepted Latin letter.

Using leet, added belletrist can be represented by combinations of belletrist (11/II or 2 ["Z" actuality actual attenuate in English] apery "two" or "to", 111/III apery "three", 15/SI, 935/SEa or 335/SEE for "C", etc.). This is about attenuate and, abnormally in the aftermost case (using a spelling-out of a letter) acutely banned readability.

Only assertive calculators are able of actuality acclimated for beghilos calculator spelling. LCD, VFD, LED, and Panaplex displays are best for spelling words. The adeptness of dot-matrix displays, fourteen-segment and sixteen-segment displays to cede best characters defeats the purpose of spelling with a bound alphabet.

If the calculator is instead rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise from cocked to actualize a vertical display, a different, but beneath useful, set of belletrist can be reproduced:

Digit: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Letter: O - N M J u b C oo a

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